Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Fat vs skinny

Maybe most of youguys didnt know how fat i am before. oh i really fat like hell okay. maybe some of my old friends knew about my weight. and this fucking 09 and 10 im getting bored about people keep asking me. why im getting skinny, u lose your weight. Mother F, hahaha. some of them know some of them not. hehe so atas permintaan usop, this is my pictures when i was eighteen. usop, ni je yang fiqa jumpa okay. yang lain akan dicari later. hehe.

when i was eighteen. summer splash event.

lapan belas jugak =] yang ni paling gemuk cam gajah. HAHAHA.

so sayang said, no wonder he didnt see me when i was in semester 1 and 2. just because im too fat. haha. and he said if im still be like this till now, he will run away from my life, that's for sure. haha. fuck you babyy. so this is me sayang

so this is it sayang. new me. super skinny with no isi and again, perubahan ketara is it? hehehe. deal with it. im super skinny.

Happy 53th Merdeka

Happy Merdeka Day Malaysian. May God Bless us and our contry and Have A blast one!
proud to be malaysian babyyy :)

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

after holiday

im done with mid term break. a week je kot. but i had lot of fun while holiday. now im busy with classes, assignments, test here and there, new chapter, updating the project group. all about study. let me tell you something, while im in holiday, my parents got a letter from unisel. you know what, 'love letter' from subject creative strategy and implementation. its not actually a love letter. here goes;

Dengan segala hormatnya, adalah dimaklumkan bahawa anda telah didapati tidak menghadiri kuliah bagi matapelajaran di atas tanpa sebarang alasan yang kukuh. Pihak fakulti juga tidak menerima sebarang dokumen menyatakan bahawa anda tidak berkeupayaan untuk hadir kuliah.

hahaha. funny is it. after that, my mum memang temper like hell la. bukan sengaja ma, tapi sakit kan time tu. mana la nak pegi clinic and all that. so memang tade surat mc la. kang kalau beli mc kang tau plak marah, cakap orang menipu sume. so after i've got the letter, i been so hard to study as much as i can. wish me luck okay :D

Laptop tak tinggal

sugar pie

Hello Boyfriend,
8 months and still counting
i be able to smile because of you.
i love you bodo, get note

you're the complete way of my life.

Thursday, August 19, 2010



I just love my boyfriend

say who im not gonna happy with my boyfriend? Now i'll proof you wrong. 8 months im with him, now i dont feel to lose him, not at all. Before this, yes i put you as my first love, remember that. well im take it back because you dont deserves to. you talked shits about me, you tell others that im not suitable to be anyone's girlfriend. AGAIN I REPEAT, i'll proof you wrong.
Yes im ugly, got bad look, i am not good enough. but i can treat my boyfriend very well. Idont care if your girlfriend doesnt like me at all, or your girlfriend is way pretty than me, well i dont give a fuck for any dick, BE ALERT. Obviously i dont even know you girlfriend, who is your girlfriend's name or what so ever, BUT I DONT CARE AND I DONT WANT TO KNOW. And to the "man", your life is not perfect enough, you aint good indeed. dont ask me to repent or list down my mistakes. Its my life, not yours. just take care yours and please get your life. I love my boyfriend now. fyi, he already replace you in mylife. so getthahellout of my world. I'll never forgive you.
special for you =]

Saturday, August 14, 2010

Thank You

i have face to that we already split up. maybe i did some mistake, maybe u did as well. this thing make me feel so down to death. honestly to say that im feel so upset and so sad after you're not with me. my tears fall down. looking for the video we made, the pictures. i dont think you're my enemy. i just want us to be friends like before. i know we have been together, but we still can be friends. dont you think i hate you now. no im not. 8 months we been through thick and thin, together. but we are not meant to be together aite? im sorry for everything, thanks for everything, you're the one and only ratattouile i have. no one can replace that, xx.

Friday, August 13, 2010


Berhati-hati dengan kaki kikis =]
Ia membawa padah.

note book =]

Okay for this entry is quite interesting. for me to be exact. today, which is thirdteen of august twenty ten by 1.08am, i asked my lil brother to bought me some food. fast food. Okay fine! Mcdonald. im craving with the nuggets. so yeah, he bought for me. *Thanks bro.* While waiting for him, im just bored and by the time my sister was sleeping and still for now. teheee. suddenly i found this.

tadaaaa :)
will story this.

Bestfriends =]

the schedule of 5 berdikari 07


Shirtliff. it was cheerleading international competition

att's crap :)

again att!

okay this thing was my form 5 note book. it just like, its important by the time. i need to write on what im gonna do, what im suppose to do, what i should do, and the book is like reminder okay. i wrote something i cant forget. so yeah, that's so important. and i cant believe is, that book still here, with me. when i read back, and i was like LOL okay. ala biasa la, zaman budak dulu la. kononnya nak jadi means girl, wrote some craps, nonsense note, here and that. but ive been through this. my teens time. it was fun. with them my classmates, bestfriend and so other people. i just love my life during school before. it was fucking fun. i really enjoyed it. thanks to SMK SERI BINTANG UTARA FOR GIVE THIS TO ME. I ENJOY MY LIFE TIME WITH YOUGUYS , XX.

Thursday, August 12, 2010

NurulAinSyafiqah =]

hello world. Im fiqa :]
haha, okay this is not funny. well i have nothing to do. im just updating my blog, *psstt! acap keep following my blog. keep reading my update*, replying some wall post on facebook, have a conversation with meea and shoot, talking shit and crap, haha while waiting for buka puasa. im so bored. so what im trying to say to youguys is, you see the picture up there? haha, i have nothing better to do than curl-ing my hair. i made my own okay. so yeah, that's it. haih.
today is gonna be my last day at Shah Alam. haha im having my hols for one week. yays! gonna meet my family and friends in kl. berbuka with them. shopping here and there. but heck! i do have tons of assignments. haha. good thing is, i can meet my family and friends in kl, but the sad thing is, im gonna miss my classmates, futsal with them, sahur with them, masing2 balik kampung, especially alim, pi balik penang, panglima balik melaka. ejam balik jb. oh dang! enjoy your hols youguys.
so what im gonna do this one week? haha, i dont know what im suppose to do. maybe chilling out with my friends, do something can make myself busy so that i can forget my past. yeah supposly do that. i have my better life now. be alone, need time to myself, fix everything, maybe looking for new guy. HAHA. siott! Oh bored. ttyl guys. will update later. toodles.

Kill me

im down for what happened between us
after all u said just go away, pretend we dont know each other.
thanks for the sincere
please shut down our memories =[

Pesanan Dari Dia.

Macam BOHSIA dah aku tengok kau ni.
Cuba kau tengok muka kau kat cermin.

kalau nak ikutkan banyak lagi, tapi let me keep it privacy. oh yeah, the most person i love just said this to me. hard to say now. haih. but people, no worries, what he try to tell me, im not pretty at all. that's why la he asked me to look at the mirror. he is true. very true. im not pretty at all. mungkin jadi dia malu ade orang seperti aku dalam life dia.mungkin dia jelouse because his gf as not pretty as his friend's gf. who knows. Just stay away.

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Underwater Class

Again and again. underwater class. hee. for this session we learn about how to control camera and control body. quite tough but we had fun before puasa. so here goes :)

part of my classmates

heee :D

afan, fiqa, myra, acip and meea =]

lecturer at the back there. haha

me me and me :)

meea and acip

haaaaa, diver wannabe :D

The End

bukan aku tanak mengaku salah aku terhadap kau. aku mengaku, tapi bukan kesemuanya salah aku. come on, kau lebih tua dari aku, kau lebih matang, kau lebih mengenal dunia, tabole ke kau berfikir sejenak salah siapa, siapa betul siapa salah. kau kemukakan perkataan muak dengan perangai aku, kau kemukakan tanak dengan aku. aku terima dengan hati yang tenang. aku turut, aku ikut.sia sia hidup 8 bulan bersama seolah-olah kau tipu dengan diri sendiri. kau sakit aku pun sakit.

kali ni kau suruh aku buang segalanya pasal kau. gambar, baju, facebook, semuanya. seolah macam budak2. kau sendiri yang mintak, kau sendiri yang nyatakan. tapi kenapa harus kau selongkar semua pasal aku. beg, handphone, segalanya. kau sakitkan hati aku, sekarang kau mahu kite bersama balik? tak puas ke dengan hina kau maki kau?

aku turut semuanya. tiada lagi yang perlu kita bincangkan. anggap la semua ni sudah selesai. aku turut segala permintaan kau. perpisahan yang kau mintak. baik aku turut. tapi jangan kau pernah pikir lagi kite akan bersama. have fun with your lifetime :)

Selamat Berpuasa!

believe it or nott? it fasting month now. its Ramadhan. heeee! so i wanna wish youguys happy fasting month to all muslim, my friends, family and blablabla. so first puasa im not with my family sangat sedih =[ BUT, my sister came here with kamal and sahur together with me. thanks alot. OMG, i puasa la today it just cant believe that. heee :)

btw ada la satu cerita ni, 5.24, first day sahur. i woke up dengan mamainya :D so i terpikir cam nak smoke cam nak minum air pun ade, and nak mkn makanan yang dibungkus smlm dengan kakak. before that i tgk surau dkt bawah rumah, and tgk cam tade orang plus gelap. so maybe terpikir ade mase lagi kot. then baru bukak plastic, suddenly my roomate spoke up

meea: pet, dah azan ke?
fiqa: sumpahhh?
meea: baru je kejap tadi.
fiqa: *bungkus balik makanan tu*

the reason i woke up at 5.24am, i ingat i mimpi azan berkumandang. rupa-rupanya tu azan betul. hm. sebenarnya rasa malu dengan meea. so cam buat bodo je la en. HAHAHAHA