Sunday, September 28, 2008

jiwa kacau

lepas satu masalah, timbul lagi satu which is my mum in hospital right now because of apendiks ;( ini ke dugaan korang? apepun, mama is way important. very important. i love you maa, please get well soon. i miss you at home. i miss every single thing about you. totally i miss that.

next, its about ex boyfriend. hmphhh, basically, i cant lie to myself tell that im not miss him. serious i miss him. but please, from now, i dont think i could have somebody in my life. all the boys are break my heart. like seriously, apa salah aku? please, you throw me, dont turn back and begging anything from me. you hurt me, totally.

hidup aku semakin kusut. tolong jangan kusutkan lagi keadaan,

Friday, September 26, 2008

am i lie to myself ?

I couldn't give a damn what you said to me, I don't really care what you think of me, Cause either way you're gonig to think what you believe ,There's nothing you can say that would hurt me

I'm better off without you anyway, I thought it might be hard but I'm ok, I don't need you if you're going to be that way, Cause with me it's all or nothing

I'm sick of this shit, please don't deny, You're a waste of time, I'm sick of this shit, don't ask why, I hate you now, so go away from me You're gone, so long

Thursday, September 25, 2008

Lagi dan Lagi

sorry for what i've done to you

for you its over ,

but for me its not over ,

i still love you, but you ?

all our memories , happiness and loneliness

tears, smiles , cry , laugh .

i miss you alot ,

as i've said its not over

for me past is past

but you're make me dissapointed

i've cried for you

i've laughed for you

i've changed , just because of you .

now im alone, just because of you

im alone without you ,

if i die today , what will you do ?

come after ? or just pretend not affected

i love you after you love me

i wish im a grass ,

so i can cut myself

you're important to me ,

i dont know if i'll be okay ,

you traded everything just for me

i never realized that

iloveyou , ihateyou

my only wish for now

to be with you , this summer had been m

my worst nightmare

with this life of mine

everything had change

you removed my worries ,

now, i've throwned my dream

since i've done this

im lonely for a long time,

my sunshine become my night

my happiness becomes a crap

plenty lies

you not here ,

im alone waiting

for you to come back

i know you can tell me , iloveyou

i know you can feel it too

but please dont leave me here because you know iloveyou


rindu lagi

i hope you can forgive for what i've done to hurt you .i dont know what i do without you , i love you .we've had so much together , i dont know why i blew it .the expressions in our faces, showed me that we're meant to i just wake up and look foward to absolutely nothing , maybe its just me .i miss the fact that we could laugh about the dumbest things over .i miss those times, when people thought we were weird, because of the things we did .but we we're just different . i miss your gentle , kisses on my cheeks , im miss arguing about who loves who more .but most of all, i miss you were by my SUCKS TO BE ALONE AGAIN, especially cause i had something so special .since to be first day i had the honor to lay eyes on you , i knew you were the one , my mistake was not realizing what i've worked so hard to get , you keep killing me that now you are gonna live happy without me , but let me tell you something , i know i can make you the happiest boy in this world, cause i have before ,i can sit here and i can apoligize so many times to you , and you know i will ,but its all up to you , just know that i will never give up on you , cause i love you to much to just let you go like this. i wont let that vision that i saw when first kissed you as my boyfriend, be lost .i'll make it come true somehow , i know its only been a couple of hours since you told it was over ,but it seems an eternity to me , you are the sweetest boy i have ever loved and probably the one that i've love you so much .and i dont understand why i could do so much to you , but i know i never meant all this to happen . believe me , if we can get through this , we can get through anything the world has to offer ,im trying to say that im sorry for everything i've done to hurt you , i hope i can still make it better , and that i will never forget you no matter what happens .I LOVE YOU ALWAYS

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Miserable life

today, 24 sept 08 my life is changing with new life. Which is, i have no boyfriend, my life is so clumsy, i have no life partner because things are happened *i did post last entry* Infront of my friends and fellow peoples, i've laugh, i did smile, but deep of my heart i cant face the fct that i've lost afrokid. Youguys know why? *and again please read my last entry*

*alaa, fiqaa ni orang dah tanak. dia dah buang fiqa kot jejauh.............. *

*ape motif?* ..............

movinggg onn....

what did i do till he left me? Just because i've changed my attitude? i dont think so. i didnt flirt with other guys. apa salah aku? what did i do?But now, i tried to face the fact even this is so tough, so difficult to live without the person that i love. Everyone said "you have to move on, he dumped you" but seriously, i cant ;( it takes time perhaps. But swear to God this is so tough mann ..

Please people, i do love him untill nowdays eventhough he did this to me. i dont deserve to have him, he deserve have another girl way better than me. Let me tell you somethin, i respect whatever his decision, but i cant accept the fact. People, i love him untill the last breath. thats my promise. but whyyy !!? No matter what happen, even he already have new ones, i wish his happiness.whoever they are, please take a good care of afrokid.He is such a good person, he is a wonderful person.He's the best among the best.Please love him with all of your heart. Pleaseeee....

Everything is nothing without you,
i will wait for you forever just to see you smile,
Because it is true, i have nothing without you.
through it all, i made my mistake i stumble and fall, but i mean these words
i wish i wont let you go.

takkan lagi aku menunggu, kau hadir didalam mimpi2ku,
puasku mengharapkan dirimu,seperti mereka yang punya cinta,
diriku tanpa dirimu, kau tempuhi penuh bahagia,
Diriku mahu kau tahu, pergi tinggal tak terasa
Warkahku mengharapkan dirimu, seperti yang aku kenali dulu,
setiapku menantikan dirimu, seperti setianya terhadap diriku,
tapiku melepaskanmu, melangkah namun tak berdaya,
terusku menunggu cinta yang takkan pernah ada.

Kasihh... maafkan aku, tiada inginku melukaimu dan kini kau tinggalkan aku,
hanya dalam hatiku, ku ungkap semua penyesalanku,
kini ku ingin disisimu, bilaku masuh dihatimu,
simpan cintaku, kembalilah untukku, ku ingin selalu disisimu,
maafkanlah akuu... kasih

this is what happen

Di suatu masa petang, pada 23 september 2008, perancangan aku bersama rakan rakan asrama ku ingin ke sunway pyramid telah membongkar segala kebenaran yang sangat benar. sumpah hancur hati aku when i have saw in front of my eyes ;(

kebenaran itu adalah apabila insan yang aku sangat sayang, insan yang menjaga aku hampir setahun, insan yang telah beri aku kasih sayang keluar bersama perempuan lain. dan begitu mesra bila melihat mereka. mujur lah dia tak nampak aku, tapi aku sendiri yang melihatnya.

apa salah aku sampai dia buat cmni? apa salah aku yang begitu setia, tidak curang kepada dia? apa salah aku bila dia sanggup cari lain yang belum tentu setia. kenapa?


ini dendam i kepada pompuan yang tak pandai nak berterima kasih, aku tau kau ade lelaki lain, kau ingat aku bodoh.memang aku ade klua dengan dua orang perempuan. itu balasan aku untuk perenpuan cam kau. baru puas hati aku. sekarang kau blah dari hidup aku, biar mampos. chow

patut ke aku dihina cmni? apa salah aku, cinta aku berikan dibalas duka, kenapa perlu dia tipu yang dia akan cinta aku selamanya? kenapa ? aku tidak mempunyai apa2 maksud untuk mengetepikan dia, aku terlalu setia, tidak curang. tapi ape salah aku ?

kepada afrokid, thanks for everything. you know that i love you eternity. but why must you do this to me? ;((

Friday, September 12, 2008

im starving

ohhh mg God.sumpah laparrr. tatau nak makan ape.ohh bytheway i tak puasa just because masalah wanita. HAHAHA and i texted afrokid

F: sayang, i lapar la. nak makan ;(
A: tulaa i pun sama, you pi la beli makanan and makan kat dalam bilik. if papa marah cakap la datang bulan. haaaa
F: malas la nak beli kat bazaar sayangg;(
A: nyah, you tau tak sebenarnya i tak penah puasa pun. HAHAHA. i tipu u, i mintak maaf
F: say what!!? u tak puasa? cibailu la nyahh. HAHAHA
then, he didnt reply my message, i know he's playing with his Xbox now. i know la nyahhh. pffftt-_-

sumpah lapar and nobody's home right now. nak masak? puhhhleaseee, im suck on cooking.
*call mcdonald*

Mcd: hai selamat petang saya ain, boleh saya tahu adakah ini miss syafiqah ?
Fiqaa: (fulamak dia tau nama aku) ye saya.
Mcd: adakah number telefon miss syafiqah 01.........(blablabla)
Fiqaa: ye saya
Mcd: tunggu sebentar ....... okay boleh saya dapatkan pesanan cik syafiqah?
Fiqaa: okay. bagi saya mc chicken set kecil.
Mcd: ade ape2 pesanan lain?
Fiqaa: itu saja.
Mcd: okay saya ulang pesanan miss syafiqah *dia pun ulang*
Fiqaa: ye betul. and tlg bagi chili lebih skit okay
Mcd: baiklah. miss syafiqah tak puasa eh
Fiqaa: ohh, datang bulan
Mcd: ohh saya faham. baiklah terima kasih memilih mcdonald
Fiqaa: sama sama. *hang up*

celaka punya kakak mcd. perli siottttt.
till then ;)

messed up with me? you're wrong

here goes. this one 'bitch' at unisel, screw up with me. you're totally wrong person slut. lemme tell you the story. i've heard from my friends which is her ex bestfriend, that bitch have talk bad things about me. HAHAHAAHA. try me, i'll kick your ass. here the story ;-

*lokasi di dorm ketika berbuka puasa ramai2*

Mikaa: weyh, kau tau lela penah kutuk2 kau do
Fiqaa: *start bengang*
Mikaa: dia selalu cakap pasal kau cam tak puas hati dengan kau laa
Fiqaa: jum pi sap kok lu, pet jum !

*belakang 7-e*

Fiqaa: *sibuk settlekan problem mika dengan zee*
Mikaa: kau tanak jumpa lela ke?
Fiqaa: mintak2 la aku terserempak dengan dia. kasi shoot skali dia tuh. pukimak sial
Pet: kasi je kat lela tuh, bajet hot sangat kat sini pun tak okay gak. ingat aku takut. sarah pun tak puas hati gak.
Mikaa: aku ade jalan. korang ikut aku pi dorm, kemas barang, mesti lela ade situ.
Fiqaa: jum aku tadehal. ajak xera and meea skali

*luar pintu dorm mika*

(lela klua with her fucking laptop)
Fiqaa: weyh sini kejap
Lela: haa, ape dia?
Fiqaa: aku dengar cite kau ade kutuk2 aku? betul ke?
Lela: bila mase plak aku kutuk kau?
Fiqaa: haih, sedap kau kutuk aku kat blakang, bila dah berdepan takkan cuak plak?
Lela: bila aku kutuk kau?
Fiqaa: kau jangan jadi bodo, mika ngan geng2 kau dah gaduh. dia dulu pun geng kau jugak. mestila dia menyampai kat aku. asal la bengap sangat
Mikaa: sedap kau bahan2 aku tadi en
Lela: *silent*
Fiqaa: okay la aku nak tanya kau, selama aku masuk unisel ni, aku ade kacau ke life kau? setahu aku, aku duduk unisel ni tak penah buat keriau cmne geng2 kau buat. kau ade nampak muka aku mase aku tade class? ade tak?
Fiqaa: kau silap besar la kalau nak gaduh dengan aku. aku bukan nak tunjuk kuat, tapi kau dah melebih
Lela: peduli laaa * sambil turun*
Fiqaa: hey pukimak, kalau tak takut bak datang one by one dengan aku. *fuyohh, tak sangka*
Lela: dengan kau aku nak gaduh? tolong la.
Fiqaa: asal? kalau kau bajet kuat sangat, try me asshole.
Lela: tade mase!
Fiqaa: asal? takut laptop kau rosak ke? ke rambut ko rosak? ke kuku kau rosak ?penakut punya pukimak. sial la lancau . badan besar, otak kecik nak mampos.

sebenarnya agak bengang la tadapat tumbuk muka dia. tapi puas hati sbb aku dikira menang. dia penakut nak mampos . kaki aku dah ringan time tuh. pikir nama aku nak bersih kat unisel je. sial punya lela!

Thursday, September 11, 2008

happy 11 months anniversarry

here we go again. our anniversarry with my super afrokidddd <33 . as usual, i love my afrokid so muchhh. u know how speacial you are. i love every single part about you sayang. people, just pray for my relationship because i cant live without him and my life is nothing without him ;)

Saturday, September 6, 2008

away people

im sorry im not be able to updating my blog. yeah, busy with assignment, exam ;(( im sorry peeps. this is new from me. i have my own New loved ones right now. they're ;-
siti nur asilah
virginie laurency
atikah alya
siti aishah
wan khairul

from now on, they are the best among the rest. for those who bastard(s) or the people we label them as babi gemuk @ mak ayam, pelacur2 , getthahelloutfromus. we dont need you fuck asshole. totally liars. bodo gemuk. hahahahahahaha ;pp

Monday, September 1, 2008

off to shah alam again

like usual, i've to go back to unisel now. im may not able post my blog everyday. i'll update my blog if i have time okay ;)

ashela, virginie and tyka, im gonna miss you like hell. i love you guysssss so much

afrokid, i love you more than anything. please do stay with me. i love you again sayanggg ;))

Adam Irfan

today, i went to klcc to buy some stuff with my sister. i met myspacer's friend, Beam from terengganu. right after that, me and my sister went to starbucks. lepaking and onlining. suddenly, a 3 years old boy came to us .....

Irfan : hi kakak
Fiqaa : ohh hai adik *smile*
Irfan : *smile*
Fiqaa : nama sape ?
Irfan :Mohd adam irfan
Fiqaa : umur adik bape?
Irfan : 3 tahun
Fiqaa : adik datang dengan sape?
Irfan : dengan mammy and daddy
Fiqaa : adik tinggal mana?
Irfan : *buat muka*
Fiqaa : Adik tinggal mana?
Irfan : *silent*
Fiqaa : Kenapa adik? akak tanya je. bukan nak pegi rumah adik pun
Irfan : LU PIKIR LA SHENDILI *sambil kluakan lidah ala2 ejek aku, dan beredar*
Fiqaa and my sister : *laugh*

padahal aku nak cover malu. dengan budak kecik pun aku terkena. celaka sial. like kurang ajar plak budak ni. memang rasa nak tampar je. pikir parents dia ade dekat situ. HAHAHAHAH. but he is so cute, seriously ;)