Tuesday, March 31, 2009

2 minggu takpi class


new chapter

i've been through alot of things in my life. im just feel sad, happy, worst, miserable, cheeky. but who care's all this shitt. ohh bytheway im back people. im gonna active back this blog.

first, i would like to share about my life now.im now with afrokid anymore. he left and we build our own book story. mama said, just move on. think about my studies. dont think too much. i think mama was truth. papa said, dont bother about im anymore. i will not lose anything. and papa 100% truth. now im just hapy with someone who concern every single thing about me. yes i do ;) about my study, quite okay. but alot of assignments kot kena buat, final nak dekat. so i kena cocentrate about my study.

people, eventhough im just lose someone who i really love before, but i do have my sister and ah beng aswell. they cheer me up, always. im just happy to be with them anyhow. before this im down like shitt and nobody know that, but now i do have my own sister and ah beng who really concern about me. ah beng kau la abang aku dunia akhirat do. hahahaha. then, i have my new friend, close friend i guess. nafis his name. he heard all my problem and he always with me, thanks nafis. even you're far, but we do have good time kan kan kan.

i miss ashela, weyna,virginie,tyka,syra, icky very much, seriously i dah tak jumpa dorang lamaaa gile. maybe certain busy skola, busy keja. so i cam faham. i pun busy jugak maybe kite tabole nak spend time sesama like we did before. but i want youguys know that i really2 love youuguys so much okayyy. last but not least, you know what im really exciting about ?

hahaha, this this this. see you this saturday peoples :)