Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Whattheheck, Im bored.

Babi ah! i cant sleep after my mum kejutkan i.Fine, i bangun then terus online my fucking space, facebook *haghammm, msn *cibai. boring ah dok tengok benda yang sama.Jeng jeng, *one hour later* BOSAN BOSAN BOSAN. Makanan dah tada, tv cam pundek, kakak pi hartamas, handphone rosak, Airis tido. sumpah cilaka. * alahai, im hungry laa. i went to mama's room and im knocked her door.i go in. and here goes;

me: Mama, can i have 5 bucks ? im so hungry la ma. *sad face*

mama: Do you mind ?mama ada meeting tomorrow and you asked me for 5 bucks ? pinjam along tabole? BLABLABLABLA

me: *pfft, gila kedekut (dalam hati laa).Along its not around la ma. Im totally broke . please ma.

My mum bangun and pergi dekat her handbag.

Mama: Amik this Mcdonalds is last day and you better go. tadi lapa sangat.

Me: thanks and goodnight ma. i love you

Masuk balik bilik. What should i do with this coupons .Airis belum bangun. (i pergi my brother's room. airis was there with my brother. sleeping kot. babi ).Then i said to him;

Me : Yang, temankan i pergi mcdonalds. i lapaa laa. please nyahh.

Airis : jangan kacau boleh tak . i nak tido.

Me : alaa , please nyah . i lapa betul ni

Airis : 5 minit ehh sayang .

Me : 5 minit kau tuh cam 5 jam . dah la.

Babi tak ?Orang2 kat dalam rumah ni tak memberikemanusiaan langsung. kalau aku mati baru terhegeh2 nak nyesal.Goblog *Im going now, fucking hungry. later. *loves

Sunday, April 27, 2008

Memory of martin,

hey bloggers, today 27.4.2008 ; 3.56am, My martin which is the hamster died. Hamsters tu suma daripada airis ;( Dia bagi sekor jantan which is Martin and sekor betina Which is Fiqon. Masa first day airis Kasi dekat i,He said to me that please taking care of Fiqon and Martin like im taking care of airis. Well, i keep that promise. Now, When martin is gone i was like , ohh. im not keeping my promise to airis and Gosh, i benci sial kucing i *lulu*. Gigit martin sampai lidah terkeluar. 4.30am, i and airis pergi padang rumah i yang berdekatan, gali lubang for matin and we were crying. i kissed martin, belai martin and i cam sedih tengok airis. Now fiqon je yang tinggal. we're gonna miss martin . ILoveYouMartin

2.4.2008 ~ 27.04.2008 :(

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

daddy dont go,

When I was a little girl,You'd bounce me on your knee. You'd told me I was pretty, And I always tried to please,When I had a bad day. It was you I'd go running to, You'd tell me it would be alright...... I believe you. I remember I was seven years old, The first time you left, All your clothes in the closet were gone. I couldn't catch my breath, I fell to my knees and cried "Daddy, Don't Go",I'd loved you all my life,You're my hero , Dont you know? If I were better , Would you stay?Please Daddy, Dont go. When I was in middle school, We talked alot on the phone.You'd say you were proud of me. That I'd never be alone. All the things you were missing... I just wanted you near.

Does my daddy love me when he doesnt talk with me? Does my daddy love me when he doesnt spend time with me ?
Does my daddy love me when he doesnt make me feel special ?
Does my daddy love me when he doesnt call me, see how im doing ?
does my daddy love me when he doing nothing to my birthday in 18 years ?
Does my daddy love me ? really ? if so why he left me and my whole family ? how come he doesnt show it ? ;(

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

What happened ?

Remember when we were the best of friends ? I DO. i remember the long talks onthephone, everyday on the weekend spent together, never having anyone say one name without the other, going everywhere with each other, doing everything together, knowing each other better than ourselves. But then you decide to hurt me like i never thought possible, you always think its me ,but you were the one that hurt me. i am just so tired of all the things you find to get mad about, im not going try to explain what happened because you wont listen to anything i have to say. How could you think i would do something like keep talking something bad about you. i thought you knew me, but i guess not.Nothing would have happened if you or me never decided to do what you or me did .we are so like bestfriend and you are one of the loved ones that i've trusted in life.

I told you everything, i want to talk to you the way we did before, i have mad this too much, and now im just cried , i wish i never did what you did, but at night all i think about is all the good times we have had. i loved you like a friend, a best friend, a sister. i want you to remember the night which is all the betina's slept at your place, we laughed , we romen together. but until then i have to go on life living like i have never lived before without my bestfriend.

You brought me round to thinking, that what i did was wrong. although we are not talking nowdays, you still helped to get along. i want you to know that i am sorry. i mean it from deep in my heart, for every stupid thing i did to you. to make us drift apart. remember all my good points my dear, if there are any that you know, im begging you please forget all the bad ones, before you turn away and go far from me. i know that you have left me as your friend, i cannot promise to cry but i do love you my friends . i guess this is my last goodbye ;(