Tuesday, December 28, 2010


1st year anniversarry :)

Wednesday, December 15, 2010


Hey followers, im here to say that im gonna away from blogspot, facebook and tumblr. so i guess im not update any blog for a moment, so do facebook and tumblr. but you can follow me through twitter. just add me ; syafiqahrazip. twit me if anything okay and oh, i'll follow your twitter back.

there are some reason why i've been doing this. i am sorry, but i'll be back very sooooooon. oh twitter i can't away because twitter is the best cyberworld for me now. haha. so, do follow my twitter okay :D



tertunggu tunggu

kebahagiaan aku ada pada kau.
aku cuba mencari kebahagiaan lain, tapi tak sama dengan kebahagiaan yang kau bagi.
menyesal pun tak guna, mungkin aku silap langkah.
menunggu menunggu menunggu.
kebahagiaan aku terletak pada kau, bukan pada orang lain.
itu adalah salah satu punca aku tak berani nak bagi sayang aku dekat orang lain.

Monday, December 13, 2010

quote of the day

Every time I trust somebody, they show me why I shouldn't.
my mistakes now, admit.

deal deal

Don't give any hopes with anyone.
probably that person will push you to love him back, but actually you don't.

hold on for second. Okay this time i need to explain in a bit here and there. actually after all things messed up, i told already, i'm not interested with any kind of relationships. i told ya, i'm not interested at all. But what happened? you push me. you ask me to love you back. LET ME TELL THE TRUTH, i try to move on, to get a better life, to let people who loves me, love me. but I CAN'T. can you get it? i still love my old times. i still love him. even i've got another relationship, but that relationship are all bullshits! i thought we were just friends. but u bumb me into your love life which is i can't return it back. i am so much down here for few months. i still can't move on. And please don't ask me to love you back because i can't replace him. enough said.

pet pot pet pot. No idea.

When I miss you, sometimes I listen to music or look at pictures of you, not to only remind me of you but to make me feel as if I'm with you. I hear ur name sometimes, but when I turn around to see who it is, I'm alone. Then I realized that it's my heart telling me that I miss u.You grab my attention when you walk into the room I am in. It could be midnight and I'll still be thinking of you. Fuck, i really hate this. the day will comes. should i shoot my head or eat pills so that i can sleep for one whole day. day by day, it closer, closer closer. fuck i hate this.


LOVELY. I need that kinda guy who understands & even when he's with his boys, he still says "baby, hold my hand" ♥ hold on hold on. i think this is not the time i could fallin love again. enough with this stage. totally trauma and yet, i should fix myself, do what i need to do, and most important thing, this is my mistake. sometimes being stupid, i admit. but this is real life. day by day, im standing strong, live with myself alone, do alone, happy alone, sad alone. i couldnt careless. because something i did wrong, it makes me fix my mistakes all over again. i dont mind if this is my journey, i'll accept everything with pleasure.

Monday, December 6, 2010

Godskitchen 2010

hey followers. anyways last saturday, 4dec 2010, went to sepang with my party peoples. hell yeah godskitchen there. the party is fucking awesome and hujan plak time tu. memang syiok ah. dengan lazer and lagu dia koyak habis! hahaha. lotsa people i met on that day. dylla and darby, abg din, amad, hakim, shameen, and bo. thanks for the day. and by the time kasi all out punyaa la, gentle cakap. chuckie, sander van doorn and richard durrand terbaik, especially main lagu always the sun. hehe. but richard, you spoil my party okay bila last lagu tutup camtu je. haish! but overoll best. and thanks to bo for being my partner that night. i had fun with ya!

really my partner people :D

sister my best crime partner

the stage.

Kata Kau


Friday, December 3, 2010

Lelong lelong

I miss this, i miss tenggol, i miss diving. oh by the time im watching Him while he's diving. -,-

kudos for siqiqi

Pemainanku skrg senang, no relationship, befriend who cud give me benefits. Relationship is bullshits. Love is illusions. Happiness is money

Thursday, December 2, 2010


This time i really made a wrong decision. silly me.
I'm not feeling exactly happy. I don't really feel sad too. Sometimes I don't know how I feel and I'm telling


You will always be a part of my life. A happy memory, a good laugh, a tear or two. I won't ever forget you.


People are in your life for a reason so don’t ever regret something if it once made you the happiest person in the world.

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

another cyberworld

Well, this is my new, oh not so new actually. It's another Cyberworld of mine, Tumblr.com. I would love to post something which is my dream, my imagination and my feelings in this cyberworld. and I love my tumblr anyways. please do follow me if you have one. Mine is Syafiqahrazip.tumblr.com. Enjoy.


Sometimes you just need someone who'd make you smile when you're sad, someone who'd look forward to seeing you everyday, someone who'd call you every night, someone who'd say I love you and mean it.

speech for today

I love you for your kindness, And your understanding heart, The one that, somehow always says "I love you very much" I love you for your faith in me. Your sweet and patient ways, For the many things you do. So often without praise. I love you for all these things and for the million others too. But most of all, For what i am whenever im with you. I love you Bee. *hugs

good times!

Haha, a day to remember. my day with loved ones! planned so last minute till we set the date for us. but seriously, the day was awesome and i miss that, really. So its like monday, when att asked me for a favor, looking for the job. i remember when one of my friend, aei told me the place he been working now needs people who need job. so here goes. went to pavilion and met his manager to pass the resume. that day me, att, fasha and haiqal been there. so we had fun together, lotsa gossip, story till laugh to death and bahan membahan, itu sudah menjadi perkara wajib. hehehe. love youguys :)

att, fasha and me :)

lovely att.

kerja att!

me and fasha

i love them, seriously.

me and sepet fasha!

beautiful girl in my life.

Its you! yes, I miss

everything about you i miss. your laugh, your conversation, your hugs, your dance, everything baby, everything. I promise I'll be good with you, every single time. Thanks for your love. i apprieciate it much. Love you =]

Hello December


Yunus Razip forever my brother

Me; how's Surabaya Bro?
Adik; Happy and fun, I miss it.
Me; upload your pics! am so jelouse
Adik; why you jelouse?
Me; because you went to Surabaya and im so jelouse. haha! i miss you!
Adik; abah said you very lonely when i'm not here. I miss you too.
Me; you're so sweet. wait for me to get home. im so fucking miss you :(
Adik; okay. when you get home here, we going crazy okay
Me; sure boy! we dance till death.
Adik; okay. we krump, locking, popping, anything. be safe there, xx.
Me; :')