Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Why Elmo?

harini i skip class because of overslept. so yeah, i didnt attended the class. sorry Mr. B. then stay kat rumah till malam. by 6pm, my classmates did something crazyy, shasha buat tatoo kat tangan meea. and its beautiful okay. so i suruh buat satu. and this is the result.

credit to shasha bubu :D

fucking 28hb.

no offense, but every 28hb is sucks!
oh well, welcome to my life new boyfriend.
please think that im gonna find new one.
new life, new reputation.
moving on is the best wayy in my life
forget the person who ruined my life all this while.
byebye old boyfriend, welcome new boyfriend.

Saturday, July 24, 2010

Special for you, Sayang.

thanks for everything.
im sorry for everything.
for me, you're everything to me.
now you leave me,
but remember one thing,
i never stop loving you.
I Love You ELMO.

Thursday, July 22, 2010

This is me

get to know something, when i already have boyfriend, for sure im gonna make him proud of me, i'll do the best, i'll let everyone knows that i extremely have a boyfriend, if i could mention his name, i'll do, and yes i did. that's my style. And yes, i've been flirt before, but it was a long time ago. im changed. already twenty. wish for the best, become loyal and good girlfriend.

you will regret what you did to me, this is the end of us. u told me kan? will follow, dont worry. it just dont regret what will happen after this. i'll make sure that you regret because you leave and, goodluck! :)

its okay fiqa, Smile.

I’m going to smile and make you think I’m happy, I’m going to laugh, so you don’t see me cry, I’m going to let you go in style, and even if it kills me - I’m going to smile

first class underwater

For this subject, we, DPO4 student wil going to learn some basic how to dive, how to blablabla. quite interesting. and our first class is every wednesday, 9am till afternoon. we will learn at pusat akuatik, shah alam. haha. see my updates k. back to story. so my first class, i woke up late. 10.30am sampai akuatik and i saw mr. B in his briefing. so yeah, im not miss anything yet. what i mean is, get to know the equipment is important ok. mr B teach how to use, set up the things. haha.

right after that, we went to pool, which is 6 meter okayyyy! sangat dalam, but we had alot of fun. i saw ejam enjoy with his tank. haha. then, mr B bawak turun ke 6 meter bawah itu. tak ku sangka mmg dpt pegi bwh eventho certain of that said that dorang sakit telinga and whatsoever. so yeah, we learn, we enjoy. thanks mr.B. cant wait our next classs yawwww!

*DP04 *

the one who lay down on the floor, he is mr .B

briefing time

the equipment

'OK' sign.

that's fucking yeah me with panglima.

beloved meea

again, meea :)

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

4 days in bukit bintang.

17 july 10. after i off to kl, boleh dikatakan that time i didnt sleep at my own house. tak jumpa papa, tak lepak dengan mama like i did before this. nak tau mana tempat i pegi? bukit bintang, kl. not for one day but four days. kl is my own place. but i stayed up at b.b with sister, kamal and of course, sayang. 4 days in bb, wah i've great memories. we lepak, we went to sunway lagoon, we lepak again, we did something stupid, but fuck yeah, we did together. i had so much fun. like i said to sayang, kan best if we being like this everytime. but! haha, sorry geng, after we get married la kan, insyallah :) so 4 days its very long day, and im happy that sayang is always with me, gaduh tu perkara biasa. tapi we are in hols that time, so yeah, malas nak gaduh. haha. but sayang, tau la kan orang malas nak gaduh and bila sayang tuduh macam, honestly to say, i'll say fuck you. haha. sorry! but itu la akan terkeluar bila kau tuduh aku macam2. aku tak suka kau tuduh benda bukan. but but, u know how much i love you kan? HAHA. jiwang geng. geli :D



never stop to do that, not even once.

Friday, July 16, 2010

enough said

I self destruct every relationship so that i don't get hurt.
but in truth i just hurt myself worse in the long run.

I can’t talk to you anymore, it’s not that I am mad at you, it’s just that when I talk to you I realize how much I love you and when I realize how much I love you, I realize I can’t have you and that make love you even more.

obsess with rihana's hairstyles.

Can u imagine this short i wanna cut. really short. dang! confused, seriously. but actually style gila kot. i wanna cut this short, but takut tak sesuai, menyesal, plus buruk. haih. but but, i wanna my style look weird. i love weirdo things. but still, confuse! help me!

cantik kan?


fuck yeah! =]

Thursday, July 15, 2010

Sumpah tetap Sumpah


its time for me to change my life become good. no more tears fall down because of the stupid person that hurt me too much. enough said, we're different. we not meant to be together like we did before. maybe its a huge mistakes. but that's what really happened to us. stop pretending that u're good enough, but actually you dont. keep blaming eventho its your mistakes. never admit ur mistakes. not even once. so dissapointed with your attitude. do tell the world that u never do the mistakes. and hear what they gonna say about you. no one perfect! everyone did mistakes. pls, dont tell me that you dont do the mistakes. its bullshits plus shit talk okay! dont screw your life with your own attitude. fucked up.

Saturday, July 10, 2010

Friday night social.

friday night, again i had fun with loved ones. sister, Farhan Jasmi and Danial. we went to barbeque at Pantai Hill Park, Bangsar celebrate amran, which is farhan's friend birthday. we eat lotsa food, get drunk. the party was awesome and i really enjoyed it. 12.30am, we went to changkat, continue party with them. oh bytheway, i tried something new and i really like, let keep that secret. im not gonna mention that. haha sorryyy!

after party, cam biasa lepak with loved ones at ampang, eat naan cheese and tandoori and omg, the best tandoori and naan cheese okayy. fucking delicious. hahaha. then we went to farhan's place. just lepak inside the car, talk shits, laughing, and paling klaka, danial overdose okayy. haha. pada mulanya i yang overdose, danial bahan! haha. tunggu masa je. tup tup, amik kau! LOL. i had so much fun with youguys on my weekend. thanks guys! xx.

forever sisters

sister and Farhan Jasmi

thanks for being my friend farhan :]

Friday, July 9, 2010

Happy birthday bro!

for adik's birthday celebration, we just make it simple. just having dinner family at lodge, jalan p.ramlee. mama amik dkt shah alam, right after i've done with my class. 5.30pm i guess. then go back to kl and get ready with the dinner. so we makan makan makan, gelak, and makan, and sumpah mushroom soup dia sodappp. then after makan kami pulang because papa have something to do, i told you, its simple. but makan besarrrr punyaaa. ahaha. so adik;

HAPPY 16TH BIRTHDAY MY LIL' BRO. may God bless you adik. and have a blast one! u're big boy now. deal with it. no more kids. remember that, i'll always love you, ass!
after dinner. the siblings.
birthday boy
after this shoot, we laugh so loud okay.
us. *love*

Semester 6

start all over again! 2nd year in 6th semester. diploma in photography. kejap je masa berlalu kan. oh, now pun cam jadi senior photography dkt unisel. haha. so, im in 6th semester now. still in unisel. struggle, stress, depressed sume ah ade. sepatutnya pegang 3 subject for this semester, rasanya tak pegang camera sangat. it more to buisness, underwater, and creative strategy implementation. btw, im heading to tioman island this coming end of july. which is, im going to shoot some pictures on the beach. haha. quite interesting, but i know its not easy to shoot. kalau dah kat darat pun terkebil-kebil, ape ntah lagi kat dalam laut. so wish me luck for this subject okay.

tup tup, dah nak masuk final year, then i'll practical and then, final project. tak plan lagi kat mana tempat nak practical. cam tak leh hidup if bekerja sorang2 kan. hopefully everythings gonna be fine. oh yea, one more thing, bukan 3 subject i amik this sem, its five okayy :) 2 more is repeat subject. okay malu jap! haha. but i have to admit that memang by the time i malas gila ah sampai ptptn pun disekat. since that i try so hard to get better pointer. that's the began actually. lepas dapat tau disekat and so on, mula la menyusahkan diri ke sana ke mari terkapai-kapai cari duit. haha. but so far, alhamdulillah, what i've did before this, its worth for me. thank God.

so now im in 2nd week. already 4 assignment. and need to be done as soon as possible. another fucking weeks have go through. so best of luck to myself, pray hard for me. i'll update more. gtg, toodles :)

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

6 months and still counting

still counting and still standing, is it? i cant post this blog because honestly, let me keep this as private. i just want you to know that, you hurt me alot. yes you are. just think what u said and think our conversation last 2 night. thanks for that. im just happy that we spent more time with our stupid video, camwhore like hell, talk shits, eat maggie, hugs, kisses, every single thing about you, like hell! i miss. sorry for not being the best. i tried, but i failed. I Love You :] swear.

sayang, bantal busuk tu :)

this is why i love you, u make me happy syg.

most favourite pic.

hold me tight sayang, dont let me go :(

if i did someting wrong all of sudden, im really sorry, hard to be the best, like u want me to be, im tired with arguing, misunderstanding, everything. for me, you are precious, but you? we talked about this, but let me keep it safe. its hurt, really. i am not strong enough. i dont know where i can get my strength back. i cant be strong. what we did all this while is precious. you know, what we did all together. just you and me. carry with our smile, "i love you", laugh, smoke, everything. what else you want me to do? if you want me to leave, i may do so. as long as you happy with that, i'll go. fullstop, this wont change anything.