Monday, May 10, 2010

Welcome New Love

haha. its time to move on aite? yes surely do. and honestly, im in love with someone yang really love me. i knew him a year ago. and we did lost contact. and now im glad that he come back and give the love to me. BUT! we really not officially couple because of we need to know ourselves. we need some time with that. and im extremely happy.

okay im not gonna mention his name for now. we still friends perhaps, and and i'll let youguys know who is he. hihi. what about my old love? say byebye to him. i only can say that im regret because loving him as much as i can, but hey! i dont need regret in my life. i just throw the past and seriously i dont need him for now. i need new love. actually, im not that desperate because i cant live without the guys, but for now, i dont know why he love to make me smile and happy when im down, when im in problem. HAHA. so i hope something good happen between me and him. welcome in my life :)

Thursday, May 6, 2010

im sorry for not being pretty enough

I can’t help but remember how much it hurts giving my heart away so many times.

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Girlfriend or Ex-Girlfriend?

you tell me your choice. dang! dont have to. surely your Ex-Girlfriend. this is the fourth time. I get hurt, because of yo flirt-ing with those girls. not to mention this. here goes, i dont need to talk my personal life detail here, but one thing u really have to know that, we are together no more. i cant stand to protect our relationship. i try so hard did the things i should do, but actually u really dont. u know how hurt am i? NO! so thanks okay for the things u did to me.

so here i am, face the fact that u really not serious being with me, not serious in our relationship. i just want to see u happy and smile. sorry for the things i've done. For real, no more between us.

Officially Single.
not interested for now.

Letter For you

Saturday, May 1, 2010

Its your birthday once again

30th of April 2010. Its your birthday time again B. And its true, there's no denying. Another year has come and gone, you know that im not lying kan sayang?

So for you, the birthday person, Faisol mustafa, here's what i want to say, i hope this birthday's the best one yet. In every delightful way. Happy birthday to you B. Have lots of birthday fun. may your birthday wishes all come true, even if you have a ton. Everyday i think about how glad i am, that you were born, how thankful i am to have you in my life. Thanks for everything sayang. Happy 21st Birthday.

yeaayyy yeaayy sayang dah besar. sayang dah leh masuk club. HAHAHAHA. sayangnya aku kat kau. anyways, this time on his birthday, i've planned to make party for him. but kesibukan yang melampau, event cenimini lagi semua buat huru hara. so i decide to buy the present for him. this was the plan a week back. this is fucking last minute plan like seriously, i dont have time to make a party for him because im heading to my final project by the time. so that, i've think that im gonna buy something for him. something that he wish for long time this while. think think think.

last monday we went to badger somewhere at damansara with afan. so i told afan to see what shirt he interest for, so i and afan aim while he's trying thos shirt. then he said, he will buy the shirt. DANG! "afan what should i do now?" "Oh fiqa, cap ade sweater ade." " ala sweater tatau size ape." "Cap badger pun okay kot." "Afan tlg ingat jalan nak pegi sini k. kite terus gerak pas cenimini nnt. mintak tolong caped." dia tak minat cap badger camne dia minat cap elmo. cap elmo pun tatau mana nak cari. think think think.
i've called my sister to call her friend which is can get elmo's cap, but sadly the cap need to be order first then a week u can get the cap. fucked up! stress.

and this is super duper very last minute plan, botax which is bestfriend sayang called me. here goes ;

botax: ape plan do esok?
fiqa: tatau la botax. cap elmo dah tatau nak cari kat mana sebab kat kawan kakak aku tu kena order.
botax: laa, kau nak beli cap elmo ke? kat bb ade do. aku ade tengok 1 kedai tu.
fiqa: SERIOUSLY!!? *start excited dah ni. weyh bawak aku pegi sana. aku dah ade sen, cap tu jela aku tadapat2 lagi.
botax: esk lepas call kol 12 aku terus balik shah alam kita gerak la. bawak dia skali. cakap nak beli barang skit. then dia leh anta kau balik kl skali. cun tak?
fiqa: cun, pandai2 la setting baik k. esok papahal call aku.

that's the plan. botax banyak membantu. thanks botax :) so, On His Birthday, while waiting botax, we act like normal, nothing happen, lepak lepak until botax in shah alam, we went to kl at 8.30pm. hahaha. 830pm? very very very late. by the time dah cam risau so cam chill kejap. tenang. bole sampai sempat sampai. im too worried because the that shop will be close by 10. then dekat petaling jaya sampai dpn mid valley bangsar, jem teruk nak mati. everytime lalu sana im wondering what the fuck is that. jem for no reason. okay back to the story, sementara masih jem ni, sayang memaki hamun saya dengan bahasa kasar yang saya rasa nak campak je dia kat tingkap. tape sayang, its your day. let it be. tanak lenting. nanti gaduh nak drama lagi kan. so dia cakap la, "babi la jem teruk", "aku nak anta kau tgh2 malam, kau nak jgk blik skang", "babi la aku rasa cm nak langgar je keta depan ni" and and last word, "aku anta kau balik terus laaaa. malas aku nak pegi bb." Dang! *botax cepat la cover

botax: ala lek la col. aku nak pegi beli barang skit. sekali jalan la. fiqa kau takesah kan ikut skali. kite pegi kejap. kalau taleh tape.
fiqa: aku takesah. aku on je ikut. *nasib baik laa botax cover :)

9.50pm, botax kata dia nak turun dulu takut kedai tu tutup. so dia pegi la jalan kaki while kiteorang cari parking sume en. we go to the place. lepas sampai botax said to sayang make a choice those caps. fiqa wanna buy it. fiqa wanna by it. and by the time i saw he smile all the wayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy. sayangggg! maki la aku lagi please. HAHA. dia dah pilih blablablabla then lepak kejap with kakak and adik kt area rumah. sayang bought a new ELMO CAP YO!

i did all this because i have my own reason okay. i instantly knew that he had to be mine, always. it was him, who made me to do things i've never done, in a lifetime. he was so different and i liked it. it was him, who showed me that every single day was to be lived to be fullest. he was the missing piece in my life and i found him. thanks syg for rock my world every single day. you know how much i love you. stay with me okay sayang, i love you :)