Sunday, February 27, 2011

Oh Im Back

Hello people, oh crap, it's been a while kan tak post blogspot. confirm berhabuk. haha, anyways ramai yang tanya pasal blog i, you know like, hey fiqa bila nak update blog. and i tak sangka certain people macam ikut my blog semua. thanks alot. The main reason i didnt update my blog just because i've been busy with my internship. okay we can talk about this later yeah. what else yeah? oh i have no time with blog even tumblr twitter and all that stuff pun dah jarang buka. so i will tell youguys my life right here right now.

Let's start new again. Hai i am Syafiqah Razip, 21 this twenty eleven, still in diploma photography and im gonna finish my studies in this year, insyallah. This time so far, i've been busy with my internship. Tempat tu dekat Syazri Design, Mutiara Damansara. internship i 2months. tomorrow will be going my last day of course. after that, im gonna have final project for last semester. About Syazri Design, they more to design, and graphic. Small company but they do have lodsa job in graphic. I've got 4 bosses, which is, Mr richard, Mr Yus, Mr Syazri and Mr Saiful Nizam. they have 3 permenant staffs, Kak Jumi, Kak Intan and Emi. Nak kata seronok pun tak, Nak kata boring pun tak, i've got experience, but im not satisfied with my internship. But im glad im gonna finish that, really.

After Intership, i will do my Final project for final semester. memang susah and memang kena kerja masa, kena cari bajet, kena cari model, kena sketch and everything. itu yang kena all out for my studies. final project tu kalau tak buat betul or last minute memang sia sia laa kan pergi belajar, but hopefully youguys can pray hard for me and final project. hehehe.

Last but not least, my love life. I've got no boyfriend. I dengan My ex boyfriend faisol mustafa are no longer together. tak lama, baru je 19th february 2011. we been together just 1 year 2 months je. and now we are no more. i cant tell youguys why, but maybe this is the best for two of us. i really frust for what happened, but im just let it go. until now God knows how i feel everyday, when i love someone, gone. I try to make this normal, but no one could ever replace him. that's the promise :)

i will update and im gonna activate this account. thank you for your support and may god bless youguys, toodles :)

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